Asset Tracking

What is an Asset Tracker?

An asset tracker provides real-time asset / container tracking with data logging, GPS location, and data communication.


Fleet Managers have complete transparency of location, speed and battery level percentage. Rules, such as a low battery rule, can be set to send a notification to the fleet manager.


Future capabilities include - tractor power detection, temperature monitoring, door sensors, and tire pressure monitoring.

Flex TT600


A solar- and battery-powered asset tracker using GPS and Cat-M/NB-IoT with 2G fallback for active tracking. The TT600 gives you durability, simplicity, long battery life and frequent data collection at 1GPS fix/minute at an economical cost.

Flex TT603

A solar- and battery-powered asset tracker using GPS and Cat-M/NB-IoT with 2G fallback for active tracking, and a connector port for wired and wireless connections. The TT603 builds on the features of the TT600, while adding a connector port for collecting sensor data such as auxiliary temperature, door position, tractor power detection and TPMS.​

TT600 Specs

Monitor Your High-Value Assets in Real Time

Leveraging our cross-industry and technology expertise, our solutions deliver innovation to a host of enterprise situations requiring real-time monitoring. You can efficiently track your trailers and containers, heavy equipment and assets; along with cars, trucks and telematics.

Lower Your Total
Cost of Ownership

Because it is built on a common
Intelligence of Things® (IoT) platform, our tracking solutions can be installed in a single integration with open APIs. You’re able to add additional products and devices over time without having to start from scratch.

Increase Your 
Speed to Market

Our Sketch-to-Scale® capabilities gives us the ability to design and develop custom hardware solutions that are subject to continuous product development based on the innovation we learn from cross-industry applications and expertise.


Our deep experience with the physical and digital lifecycle of IoT products, from conception and design through build and distribution services, provides us with a unique ability to produce and distribute at scale.

Create Value for
Your Enterprise

Our innovative hardware portfolio relieves you of the burden of being in the hardware business. Our vertically-integrated solutions provide a consistent supply chain for manufacturing devices, helping you track and monitor your high-value assets.

Get Intelligence and Insights

Frequent and dynamic data collection provides tracking throughout the entire shipment cycle. This is made possible through intelligent solar powered trackers built to handle harsh outdoor environments.

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