Meet customer expectations and drive better results

Transform your business with AI-powered contact center software built to empower agents, inform supervisors and simplify operations.

A contact center solution designed for building a better customer journey

Gain insights into your customer experience and boost team performance on every channel.

Unified phone system

100+ enterprise-grade features, a full suite of integrations,

and AI-powered contact center software built to

empower every agent.

Omnichannel flexibility

Easily create and track omnichannel experiences, all unified through one solution for contact center admins.

Actionable insights

Improve team performance with
advanced analytics, real-time reporting, KPIs, and agent dashboards for supervisors and managers.

Create a seamless omnichannel experience

Meeting your customers' expectations means responding when and where they need you, and on their preferred channel, even if that’s not where the conversation started. GoTo Connect Contact Center lets you communicate with customers through phone, email, chat, social media, webchat, WhatsApp, and more for smoother, more personal interactions.

Optimize and track every customer journey

Easily optimize customer journeys with GoTo’s drag-and-drop dial plan editor.

Shared customer details and contact history give your staff access to customer data across every channel – so they can pick up conversations right where they left off.

Use advanced analytics and real-time reporting to optimize the customer journey. See the whole picture or drill down into individual conversations and use AI to search and consolidate your findings.

Maximize team utilization and performance

Use our robust workforce management tools to align resources and technology for the most efficient and agile work environment. Improve team performance with
call monitoring and coaching (whisper, listen, and barge modes), individual agent dashboards, and quality management capabilities.

Deliver better results with artificial intelligence

Provide unsurpassed service with an AI-powered contact center solution. Quickly assess customer emotion within interactions to determine if there are gaps in your customer support process, and cut chat analysis time with AI-powered sentiment ratings and summaries.

Customize integrations for tailored experiences

Streamline workflows by integrating GoTo Connect Contact Center software with your existing business tools, eliminating data silos and reducing manual processes. A robust and expansive set of APIs allows for full customization and flexibility.

Streamline setup & admin

Run great customer support without the headaches. Whether you have an IT team or you're doing it yourself, GoTo Connect makes admin easy. Configure call flows with a drag-and-drop dial plan editor, assign access permissions, and make changes in one unified admin portal.

Plus, consolidating to a single vendor – with a single invoice and #1 customer-rated customer support – saves you significant time and money.

An AI-powered cloud contact center for the whole team

GoTo Connect Contact Center makes everyone more productive.

Unlock Peak Performance

  • Make informed business decisions with real-time analytics and reports

  • Create a highly efficient and agile work environment with workforce management tools

  • Coach agents and improve interactions with listen and whisper modes, plus call recording

  • Reduce hold times with callback queues

  • Improve call resolutions with intelligent call routing

Save time with smarter customer service

  • Meet your customers wherever and whenever with omnichannel capabilities

  • Reduce idle time and increase active talk time with pre-recorded voicemail

  • Improve productivity and accelerate sales calls with outbound dialer

  • Switch seamlessly between voice, video, chat, SMS (and more)

    – whatever channels your customers prefer

  • View performance and KPIs with customizable agent dashboards

Build the perfect customer experience workflow

  • Easily configure call flows with a drag-and-drop visual dial plan editor

  • Unlock a suite of APIs for customization and flexibility

  • Easily integrate your CRM for up-to-date customer info and insights

  • Ease the IT admin burden by assigning permissions across team members

  • Configure omnichannel setup with voice, video, chat, SMS, and more

99.999% uptime

Low bandwidth usage and distributed cloud architecture keep you up and running.

#1-rated support

Our 24/7 customer support is #1 on the most trusted independent review sites.

Top-notch security

Enterprise-grade security features and compliance with standards like SOC 2 Type II and GDPR keep your data safe.


How can a contact center solution benefit my business?

A cloud contact center solution such as GoTo Connect Contact Center makes increasing customer satisfaction easy. Tracking customer communications in a single place gives you actionable insights that will help deliver better customer experiences and boost sales.

Why a cloud contact center solution?

Cloud contact center software makes it easy to customize your own contact center system - no complex IT needed. Key features for GoTo Connect Contact Center include advanced call analytics, inbound and outbound call routing, call monitoring, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Cloud-hosted contact center software is built on top of an existing cloud phone system - putting all the features you need in a single place. There's no need to worry about maintaining any servers or hardware, either - since all updates and fixes are handled in the cloud, all the heavy lifting is done for you. This makes streamlining IT and cutting costs easy.

What is the difference between a call center and a contact center?

Traditional call centers are built on legacy phone systems and focused on a single channel of communication: phone calls. Teams may be divided into inbound vs. outbound calling (such as customer support vs. sales), and usually don't support additional channels like SMS or chat. Contact centers are multichannel: they support phone calls, as well as SMS text messages, web chat, social media, and video. Customers have their own preferred ways of connecting, and modern contact center software makes it easy to meet them where they are. Cloud-hosted contact centers are also more flexible and easier to maintain than traditional call centers.

Is GoTo Connect Contact Center available in my country?

Goto Connect Contact Center is currently available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Improving interactions is now easier than ever

See how GoTo Connect Contact Center can elevate your customer experience.

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