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From remote employee trainings to hybrid all-hands; pre-recorded product demos to multi-day conferences – GoTo Webinar makes events easy.

Your all-in-one virtual event platform

With customizable modes, interactive features, insightful analytics, powerful integrations, and flexible pricing, our intuitive webinar platform has everything you need to host virtual events of all sizes.


Keep everyone’s data safe and your events uninterupted with enterprise-grade security.


Setup takes just minutes, and webinars are simple to manage. No IT support needed.


Up to 3,000 attendees can join your GoTo Webcast from their browser – no downloads required.


Track leads by integrating your CRM. Launch meetings from MS and integrate withyour favorite apps.

Grow your business with GoTo Webinar

Put your best foot forward

Give attendees your very best with HD video and crystal-clear audio – and advanced features that make your events as effective as they are easy.

  • Host recorded webinars on GoToStage to draw millions of new views.

  • Create custom registration forms or quizzes to capture registrant info.

  • Accept payments securely and simply with Stripe.

  • Personalize registration forms with customized questions and polls.

  • Pre-record webinars to perfect content before sharing it with the world.

Keep them interested

From in-session participation to certificates of completion, engaging events give audiences all the more reason to participate, learn – and convert.

  • Share your camera, create interactive polls, and draw right on screen.

  • Multi-presenter webinars gives up to six organizers the ability to share.

  • Monitor audience participation with the Engagement Dashboard.

  • Attendees can easily grab your attention by virtually raising their hand.

  • Attach handouts beforehand or distribute them through the webinar.

Get more from your events

Analyze and improve your virtual events with powerful analytics that help you offer better webinars and optimize your event strategy.

  • Explore comprehensive attendee reports to find your best customers.

  • Unlock better engagement with downloadable event analytic reports.

  • Discover which channel drove the most signups with source tracking.

  • Track engagement, performance and NPS to improve your strategy.

  • Automate invites, reminders, and follow-ups for ongoing engagement.

Experience the award-winning difference

Voted Best Feature Set, Best Value, and Best Relationship in VoIP by Trust Radius in 2022

Simplify the event journey with one platform

Create and manage, multi-day, multi-session events that drive engagement and ROI – all in a single place.

GoTo Webinar hosts over 2.8M events a year

" The constantly evolving features and in-depth analytics that the platform provides, helped us educate over 30k advertisers in a year. "

Raina Guha

Marketing Manager

Amazon Advertising

" Organizing a webinar with GoTo is super easy, barely an inconvenience. Everything you need to do is from one interface, gathering leads for the webinar, sending reminder emails, and so on and so forth. "

Areg V

Growth Hacking Team Lead

" It was so easy, it just fell to the back of our brains so that we could focus on the content and the experience without worrying about the technology. "

Teresa S. Burgin

Senior Marketing Manager

College of American Pathologists

Frequently asked questions

How does webinar software work?

Webinar software works similarly to that of a video conferencing platform, allowing presenters to share content with even larger audiences. Attendees receive a virtual invitation which gives them access to trainings, seminars, and more.

How does the GoTo Webinar free trial work?

Contact us to sign up for a free trial of GoTo Webinar and gain access to all of its powerful features. We will notify you before your trial expires, and you can decide to subscribe to a paid plan or let your trial expire after the free 7-day period.

What is the difference between a webinar and a virtual event, or conference?

A webinar is an online seminar that connects an audience to the host as they offer presentations in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Similarly, a virtual event or conference offers these elements, but typically spans multiple sessions, or days - giving more time and space for a deeper dive into the information.

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