Mobility Data Management (MoDM)

Data Usage is managed through our Mobilsense tools which allows for multiple account macro management or micro detail including website visits. We mitigate data overages and under utilization by making retroactive adjustments before monthly billing closes. On average, we usually provide a 20% hard savings, after our cost. 


We automatically track and manage wireless telecom assets, anticipate upcoming upgrade dates, identify unused lines of service, and generate cost-center (charge back) reports in a fraction of the time it takes today. Real-time usage reports are daily to identify abuse and proactively mitigate data overages. 

Our data manager is the most advanced enterprise mobility management solution for understanding and controlling mobile data usage. Our On Care team has visibility into apps/websites visited along with real-time device controls and alerts further expanding opportunities for companies to recognize and control unneeded data usage expense. These data pattern analytics provide all the information necessary to monitor and enforce the mobile data use policies of corporations at a time when average data usage is experiencing a rapid rise across all companies.


When it comes to understanding and controlling mobile data usage, we utilize the most advanced enterprise mobility management solution on the market today. Other vendors may claim real-time data optimization but the data they rely on comes from time-delayed carrier reports that understate current usage. We can  monitor each device’s unbilled usage from to the start of a bill cycle to the end, in real-time. Enterprises can make last minute adjustments to pool levels based on accurate, device-by-device usage and precise cycle trending. When armed with usage metrics, coupled with the ability to automatically alert high-end users mid-cycle, enterprises no longer waste money on unused data or suffer surprise carrier overages.

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