Our 5G unlocks
new possibilities.

The unprecedented
performance of 5G Ultra 
Wideband is taking your
favorite experiences to a
whole new level.

Instant View

Stream 4K movies with
virtually no buffering.

True Chat

Video chat in HD with
near zero lag.

Responsive Gaming

Console-quality multiplayer
gaming you can play on the go.

Flash Loading

Downloads that used to take
minutes, now take seconds.

Real Response

Augmented reality that responds
in near real time.

5G Ultra 
is here.

The unprecedented performance of our 5G network will change the way we work, live and play.

Real-time speed

Ultra-fast speeds like you’ve never seen before.

Real-time interactivity

Ultra-low lag times with virtually no buffering.

Real-time connectivity

The same ultra-fast experience even in the most crowded locations.

We’ve built a different kind of 5G network.

There’s 5G. Then there’s Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. Ours will be reliable, resilient and ready for whatever comes next because we’ve been building it that way since day one.

cell sites

We’re building a vast network of small cells, because a denser network is a crucial part of 5G Ultra Wideband deployment.


We’ve already secured a large amount of millimeter wave spectrum, which is what makes 5G ultra-fast.

deep fiber

There’s a lot of fiber optic cable behind a strong wireless network. That’s why we’re installing 37.2 million miles of it to strengthen our existing network and create a solid foundation for 5G.

The right frequency for the future.

5G Ultra Wideband runs on a much higher frequency than 4G LTE. That’s one reason why it’ll provide ultra-fast speeds, reduce lag time to 10 milliseconds and have far greater network capacity. So, in a future where billions of devices demand more data, our 5G network will be ready.

A First Look at 5G

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