Mobility Managed Services (MMS)

Our, Mobility managed services (MMS) spans the IT and process management services to procure, provision and support smartphones, tablets and IOT devices with cellular and/or wireless connectivity. Included is a Telecom expense management platform. This process can actively manage your wireless, IOT, voice and data environment. Managing all carrier invoicing and actively mitigating carrier data overages, with an overall focus on driving down business operating cost.

These services are available across corporate liable devices, and MMS engagements. Limited offerings are available to companies providing reimbursement to bring your own device users, accessing corporate resources.

• Mobile spend optimization.

• Carrier invoice management.

• Reporting usage analytics.

• Real-time un-billed data usage visibility.

• Active overage mitigation.

• End user help and procurement desk.

Mobile Firewall (EoDM)

• Delivers visibility down to sites visited and applications used.

• Automate alerts by usage categories.

• Enforces quotas on employee data usage.

• Restrict usage by categories.

• SIM swap prevention.

• Unparalleled data controls and user accountability.

• Expands management to modems, routers, and air cards not accessible to MDM.

Mobility Device Life Cycle Management

Lifecycle management starts with On-Care getting functional devices into the hands of our clients employees and training them on their use. We support the Smartphone and Tablet throughout their lifecycle to guarantee functionality and insure the device deployment to retirement. Our Mobile Device Assurance lifecycle management also encompasses device repair services, device insurance and onsite speed stock, with end user support. This program is 100% customizable with a unique Authorized User Policy written for every client.

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Our lifecycle management program has seven major components:

• Kitting

• Implementation and Deployment

• Project Management

• Asset Management

• Reverse Logistics

• Device Repair

• Device Insurance

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Secure, Monitor and Manage the entire device lifecycle.

Mobile Device Management is an intuitive software for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, iPad OS and macOS platforms. Any company or employee owned device can be managed, secured and monitored. Unified endpoint management offers control of all aspects of enterprise mobility, including Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Content Management and Mobile Identity Management.

• Inventory management

• Remote lock, wipe, update & install

• Email and content management

• Applications pre-loaded with Apple Business Manager, Samsung Knox, and Google Zero Touch.

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