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Obtain a mobile-focused, cost-effective cloud-based phone system that offers reliability and flexibility for your business.

One Talk Explained

Quickly respond when customers call.

One Talk allows employees to call, collaborate and respond to customers, wherever work takes them.

  • Integrated voice, video, and messaging business communications.

  • Combine smartphones, desk phones, computers and tablets into a unified solution.

  • Users have one business number across multiple devices.

  • Manage services and devices easily via the admin web portal and app.

Keep your agency connected whether in the office or on the go.

One Talk—because reliable communications are the backbone of your agency.

Reliable communication is essential to help achieve your agency’s mission. With One Talk, you can more easily connect with citizens and respond to their needs.

One Talk lets you share a single number for your agency, and then use it across multiple devices, including smartphones, desk phones, computers (PC or Mac®) and tablets. And when you leave the office, One Talk helps you stay productive and responsive, since calls move with you from your desk phone to your smartphone.

One Talk delivers many other options to suit your agency’s needs, including:

  • Desk Phones – Perfect for office-based employees

  • MobileApp – For smartphones or tablets

  • DesktopApp – Allows employees to use a One Talk number directly from their PC or Mac, in either a stand-alone way or shared with other One Talk devices

  • SmartphoneNativeDialer – A simple way to connect mobile employees with the office by adding One Talk to agency-owned Verizon smartphones

  • AutoReceptionist – Helps ensure that calls get routed to employees who can answer

  • Hunt Group – Rings multiple people to find those who are available to answer a call

Featured One Talk Enabled Desk Phones

One Talk T67LTE

Introducing the first-ever cellular desk phone in the country. Featuring a user friendly 7 inch touch adjustable screen, it also supports eSIM, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth, and other features.

One Talk T53W

By utilizing the most up-to-date Yealink Optimal HD Voice technologies, the T53W effectively cancels out background noise and provides exceptional clarity in voice transmission, even in loud surroundings.

Yealink CP965

Game-changing audio presence, immersive conversation environment. Inside the stunning appearance, a set of powerful technology and professional components are wrapped to boost the CP965 with outstanding audio performance.

Never Miss a Call

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, having uninterrupted access to customers, vendors and employees is critical to your bottom line. One Talk is a mobile-first phone solution that helps you personally connect with customers and engage your team.

With One Talk you can move calls seamlessly between office and mobile devices using one shared Verizon phone number.

  • Take calls on either your desk phone or mobile phone with a simultaneous ring.

  • Direct calls to team members if you’re not available so calls don’t go unanswered and customers aren’t put on hold.

  • Conference with up to six people at once.

  • Scale and configure your phone system easily to meet your changing business needs.

One Talk helps you grow your business by seamlessly connecting your mobile and office-based employees with customers.

No matter how big or small it is, building a successful business means being able to easily communicate with and respond to your customers—not to mention vendors, partners and employees. Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to grow, when you can connect reliably, you’re ready.

One Talk is a mobile-first business phone system that unites desk phones and smartphones with one number to help keep your business connected to what—and who—matters most.With more than 50 business-phone features, One Talk makes it easier for your business to deliver a better customer experience, increase productivity through improved collaboration and streamline your operations for greater efficiencies.

Deliver a premium customer experience.

Having a great product or service is just the beginning. If you want to keep your customers happy—and attract new ones— you have to create great experiences, too. Customers have high expectations for the businesses they frequent, and it only takes one poor experience to send them to the competition.

One Talk helps you keep customers happy by making sure that you and your employees can quickly respond when they call. An employee’s multiple devices—smartphone, computer (PC/ Mac®), tablet and desk phone—can all share one number and ring simultaneously when the number is called. So you can be there for customers when they need you—anytime, anywhere.

One Talk also offers professional features that can boost customers’ confidence in your ability to deliver, including:

  • Auto Receptionist—Helps callers find the right person or department

  • Music on Hold—Sets the tone while calls are transferred

  • Hunt Group—Connects callers with your designated after-hours team

  • Voicemail to Email—Simplifies your employees’ access to voicemail by delivering new messages as audio files via email

    • Premium Visual Voicemail doubles your inbox storage to hold up to 80 messages and provides a transcription of the voicemail message

Remove barriers to team collaboration.

Effective collaboration has always been a staple of successful businesses. Gathering around a conference table to share ideas and work through problems has been a time-honored tradition in offices around the globe. But times are changing, and employees are now working from home, in the field or wherever the job takes them.

Whether they’re at different ends of the building or in different cities, to stay productive, employees need to be able to collaborate as if they were in the same room.

One Talk helps people work together even when they’re apart—with features like:

  • Video Calling—Collaborate during one-on-one, face-to-face meetings without the need for third-party software

  • 6-way Conference Calling—Allow up to six employees at once without having to schedule a bridge or virtual meeting

  • Extension Dialing—Configure this feature in the One Talk Portal to help employees call one another, utilizing a predefined two- to six-digit extension instead of the full 10-digit phone number

Why Verizon?

We know that you can’t afford to miss opportunities. That’s why we’ve created solutions like One Talk that are designed to help keep you and your business connected, collaborative and productive. And when you use these solutions on the Verizon 4G LTE network, which has been ranked #1 nationwide by RootMetrics in overall network performance (13 times in a row),¥ you have a combination that sets your business up for success.

Simplify billing, deployment and administration.

If you want to take your business to new places, you first have to make sure that you and your employees can get the job done quickly and efficiently. One Talk helps you spend less time managing your phone system and more time using it, so you can stay focused on the business at hand.

One Talk has several features to help you quickly deploy, configure and administer your solution. In fact, it’s so simple you don’t need specialized resources to help you stand up another office location or quickly onboard a new employee— you can do it yourself.

  • One Talk Portal Administrators can use an intuitive portal to manage One Talk lines, the business directory for desk phones and many other features.

  • My Verizon for Business app Efficiently manage your users and groups and easily administer the 50+ business and user features.

  • Account codes Set up a specific code for an individual phone number to track calls in the One Talk Portal.

  • Simplified billing With One Talk from Verizon, you get one bill across all your locations, which helps to streamline your operations if you’ve been getting services from multiple carriers.

Flexible Plans Suited For Your Teams Needs.

One Talk provides a variety of options to suit your business both now and in the future. Talk with a representative to get just what you and your employees need.

¥Based on RootMetrics® by IHS Markit’s RootScore® Reports: 2H 2019. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on four national mobile networks across all available networktypes. Experiences may vary. RootMetrics awards are not an endorsement of Verizon. One Talk–capable desk phone must be purchased from Verizon to support some of these features. Video calling available on select phones. Activation of the One Talk feature and broadband connection is required.

Network details & coverage maps at © 2020 Verizon.

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