GoToConnect combines the power and reliability of Jive's cloud VoIP phone systems with GoToMeeting's web, audio and video conferencing into one simple, reliable and flexible solution. 

Your employees can meet, talk, chat, text and collaborate seamlessly through a single application, keeping them productive and frustration-free.

IT has one simple-to-manage solution for one simple, affordable price. All backed and supported by GoTo - the most trusted brand in collaboration.


Did we say affordable? (You may want to sit down for this.) With GoToConnect you get a powerful web, audio and video conferencing solution that is integrated inside the industry leading cloud VoIP business phone system – for the same price as buying just cloud VoIP. You’re essentially getting two for the price of one! 

For as low as $19.95 a month, GoToConnect eliminates the hassle and expense of managing multiple collaboration solution providers. You get over 100 meeting and cloud VoIP features for one amazingly low price. Best of all, there are no hidden fees or separate bills.


GoToConnect is perfect for companies looking to move their business communications and collaboration systems to the cloud. Everyone knows that an unreliable phone and meeting solutions can frustrate workers, make you look unprofessional, or worse, cost you business. With GoToConnect you can say so-long to choppy connections, dropped calls, and poor video quality. 

Also moving business communications and collaboration to the cloud provides many business benefits too like predictable cost management. Plus, GoToConnect provides better system agility to add/remove users in the cloud, and fewer IT staff required to support it.


GoToConnect comes packed with over 100 features across cloud VoIP and web, audio and video conferencing. All designed to make your users productive while providing IT with a single pane of glass to manage their entire UCC solution.


GoToConnect's Contact Center delivers a broad set of inexpensive contact center features and valuable real-time reports to enable better management of call queues and incoming customer calls.

Real-time queue reports. 

  • Monitor agents on calls
  • Measure their active talk time
  • Track current calls in queue.

Manage Employee Performance.


Manage each agents performance by daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports on call KPIs.

Live Wallboards.


Publicly display real-time information related to your contact center's performance with Jive Contact Center's wallboards.

Solutions for Administrators

Security & Organization Policies

Roll out secure web conferencing with optional advanced security features like required SAML SSO login.

Diagnostic Reports​

Get an inside look at quality-based performance metrics for every user.

Automated Provisioning​

Sync your Active Directory database to GoToMeeting to make your life simpler when managing large numbers of corporate users.

Admin Center

Seamlessly Manage users & their access to product features. Easily run reports to track utilization or troubleshoot.

New features built for
​intelligent online collaboration

Commuter Mode​

Host or attend meetings on the go with confidence and save data with a reliable, distraction-free experience.

Voice Commands

Start or join your next online meeting or audio conferencing session in an instant just by asking Siri.

Room Launcher​

Book a nearby GoToRoom and start the meeting directly from your GoToMeeting mobile app.

Cloud Recording

No need to take notes while hosting a meeting on the go, cloud recording is now available on the GoToMeeting mobile app.

Office 365 Plugin


Seamlessly schedule, flawlessly manage and quickly join upcoming online meetings directly from your calendar.


Planning the easy way.

Setting up webinar conferencing shouldn't be a hassle. Forget the clicks, clutter and confusion. Just choose an event date, and GoToWebinar webinar services will walk you through the rest.

  • Event Management

    View every webinar and easily adjust settings.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Set up a one-time live event, series or on-demand experience.

  • Webinar Templates

    Skip steps by using settings from past webinars for new events.


Get more results for less work.

Record and reuse your events to bring in more viewers. Our popular CRM integrations also make it a cinch to transfer your attendee data and take the next step.

  • Recording

    Expand your reach by recording your webinar to share online.

  • Pre-recorded events

    Pre-record webinars that feel as vibrant as live events.

  • Integrations

    Integrate with your marketing automation, CRM and more to manage everything in one place. 


See what went well.

Generate reports on who attended, how interested they were, what questions they asked
and answered – the list goes on.

  • Attendee Reports

    Explore comprehensive reports on who attended.

  • Event Analytics

    See how your webinars performed and download reports with key metrics.

  • Source Tracking

    Discover which channels drove the most webinar signups.


Robust training to engage your learners virtually.

You have the expertise. GoToTraining helps you share it.

Let our tools amaze you — and your learners

Whether you’re new to training or a veteran, GoToTraining is the right software for training, virtually or in a hybrid situation. Keep your attendees involved with in-session collaboration, Breakout sessions for small groups, detailed analytics and more.


Concentrate on your training. Leave the tech to us.

See how GoToTraining features can revolutionize your training environment.

Record Your Training

See how your students learn.

Streamline Registration
and Scheduling

Get started faster and on time with easy registration and custom scheduling.

Collaborate and Share Effortlessly

Our in-session Activities feature allows everyone to view videos and work together on documents.

Distribute Course Materials

Share handouts, notes and more, simply and efficiently.


Encourage Small-Group Interaction

Breakout empowers learners to collaborate with and learn from one another.

See Your Results

Find out how your sessions perform with detailed attendance reports, test results and evaluations.

Passwords are frustrating – and insecure

When it comes to protecting today’s digital business,
a spreadsheet of passwords just won’t cut it anymore.

Passwords are cumbersome


The average employee struggles with nearly 200 credentials to keep track of.

Productivity is impacted


When employees are distracted by lockouts and resets, they’re not getting work done.

Poor habits = more risk​


80% of data breaches can be traced to weak, reused, and stolen credentials.

IT lacks control


Businesses can’t protect what they can’t see. IT has little visibility into password security.

Password sharing is a pain


Credentials get passed around by email, chat, or paper, exposing the business to risk.

Employees leave with access


When onboarding is manual and piecemeal, former workers can still access company data.

Protect every password in your business

Every password is an entryway to your business,
​and a password manager makes it easy to secure them all.

Secure password storage


Give employees their own vault for storing every app and web login they use.

Centralized control


Enforce policies and get actionable insights into employee password behavior from an admin dashboard.

Convenient password sharing​


Make it easy for employees to share logins while keeping access to corporate data safe.

Simplified user management


Instantly add and remove users, or automate user management with directory integration.

Streamlined logins


Capture and fill every credential, without disrupting an employee’s workflow.

Access from anywhere


No matter where employees work, they always have their passwords with them, from any device.