Mobility Management Solutions for Business

ON Communications, is a leader in the Mobility Management Services space. Using our wireless billing software, we provide proactive bill management services to business customers nationwide. On average we are able to provide a net cost savings of 15% to 25% on your current wireless services.


What sets us apart is that our team monitors data usage in real time and make retroactive plan adjustments prior to the end of your billing cycle. This allows us to assist you in ensuring that your bill is optimized each and every month based on the data usage in each particular month. You will never have to worry about getting billed for data overages, or conversely paying for more data than you use. Coupled with a full service help and procurement desk.

ON-Care Mobility Managed Services (MMS) offers the following features:

  • Mobile spend optimization
  • Carrier invoice management
  • Reporting usage analytics
  • Real-time unbilled data usage visibility
  • Active overage mitigation
  • End user help and procurement desk

The elements of our Mobility Management Service include Mobility Data Management (MoDM), Mobility Device Management (MDM), and Equipment Assurance (EA). These services are coupled with a comprehensive company policy addressing equipment life-cycle, data usage, security, and help desk.

Mobility Data Management (MoDM)

Get real-time usage reporting with complete logs of mobile websites visits. Data Usage is managed through our Mobilsense tools which allows for multiple account macro management or micro detail including website visits.

Mobility Device Management (MDM)

Business mobility is critical to the success of your company. More and more of your workers depend on mobile devices running custom business apps to do their jobs. But, what are your plans for tomorrow? How do you choose from the hundreds of new devices, IoT endpoints, platforms and protocols flooding the market? The wealth of options is enough to overwhelm you. And once you decide, once you make that commitment, you need everything to work together – devices, endpoints, apps and back-end systems.

Equipment Assurance (EA)

Equipment Assurance provides fleet management of mobile devices, offering a repair and replacement option at approximately 50% of carrier insurance plans.

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