Mobility Management Solutions
for Business

ON-Care Mobility Management offers a full help desk, procurement process,
with Software driven security and active savings.

Manage Usage with Mobilsense software.

Get real-time usage with robust reporting tools that provide multi-carrier aggregation with complete logs of mobile website visits. Data packages are actively managed to mitigate overages.

Manage Device Lifecycle and Repair
with Equipment Assurance.

Equipment Assurance provides fleet management of mobile devices, offering a repair and replacement option at approximately 50% of carrier insurance plans.

Manage Security and Network
with Mobile Device Management by SOTI.



Business mobility is critical to the success of your company. More and more of your workers depend on mobile devices running custom business apps to do their jobs. But, what are your plans for tomorrow? How do you choose from the hundreds of new devices, IoT endpoints, platforms and protocols flooding the market? The wealth of options is enough to overwhelm you. And once you decide, once you make that commitment, you need everything to work together – devices, endpoints, apps and back-end systems. SOTI ONE brings it all together – connects it, simplifies it, and makes your business mobility smarter, faster and more reliable. Follow this link for detailed information.

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